Real Estate and NOP 38



Philippe Koskas & Co. provides its Israeli and international clients with a wide range of legal services in the field of real estate. The firm's lawyers have experience in this field, as well as extensive knowledge of regulation and the procedures involved in the activity in this field.

The vast experience in conducting creative negotiations on the one hand, and the broad legal knowledge in this field, are what separate a successful transaction from a failing one. Our ability to think "outside the box" is what sometimes makes all the difference.

The firm guides, inter alia, the purchase and sale of apartments and plots, land releases, purchase groups, NOP 38, the purchase of commercial complexes, and legal support in all construction proceedings.

The firm's clients in the field of real estate include developers and contractors, purchasing groups, private investors, institutional investors, government agencies and more.

In this context, the Philippe Koskas firm specializes in handling real estate activities in Israel of private and business foreign residents, including many French residents who invest their capital in Israel.

Thanks to their experience and skill in the real estate field, the firm's staff is able to conduct transactions for all its clients with great professionalism and reliability, even without their physical presence in the country, all with great thoroughness and knowledge of every detail of each and every case, with the attorneys presenting their unique diagnoses while referring to each case on its own merits.

The capabilities of the legal team are evident, inter alia, in their ability to turn every stone and reveal all the information relevant for the clear interests of their clients.

The firm’s lawyers are well prepared to conduct due diligence reviews with respect to the entire real estate rights, expedited negotiations and closing deals within a minimum period of time, while maintaining very high professional standards, which grant our clients with a significant advantage in this competitive market of real estate.


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