Adv. Philippe Koskas 



Adv. Philippe Koskas is the founding partner and head of the Philippe Koskas & Co. law firm. His areas of expertise include primarily lucrative civil and commercial real estate, litigation and commercial law, corporate law and inheritance and wills law. 

Advocate Koskas has many years of experience and well-known reputation in the field of litigation, in light of his Supreme Court expertise. The rich background he has accumulated through his activity under public and administrative positions, as well as an instructor under various Zionist movements, provides him with exceptional abilities in representing his clients before the courts, thus leading him to many successes.

The recognition earned by Adv. Koskas as a fine litigator, has granted him over the years with famous and particularly interesting cases. Philippe represented, inter alia, MK Ophir Pines in the well-known "Bar-On Hebron" affair, as well as MK Eitan Cabel in the well-publicized Channel 7 affair. Adv. Koskas also engaged in a large number of precedent cases that gained great public interest, in which he gained great success.

Adv. Koskas has been a member of the Israel Bar Association since 1985. He has done his internship, as stated, under Honorable Justice Eliezer Goldberg in the Supreme Court, who was later appointed State Comptroller, where he encountered fascinating cases, which some were the subject of great public interest, including the prominent famous verdict on the murder of MK Hamad Abu Rabia (recognized as the first political assassination In Israel).

Philippe completed the second part of his internship under Adv. Yitzhak Nanner, one of the leading lawyers in Jerusalem at that time, as honorary president of the World Organization of Lawyers and Jurists. After completing his internship, he continued working for a short period of time in Adv. Yitzhak Nanner’s law firm, until he retired to independent practice.

Adv. Koskas acquired his legal education at René Descartes University in Paris, where he completed his studies for a bachelor's and master's degree in law. After completing his academic studies in France, and due to his great love for the State of Israel and the Zionist values that accompanied him throughout his life, Adv. Koskas immigrated to Israel and obtained another master's degree in law from the Hebrew University. During his studies, Philippe authored an in-depth research paper on arrest and search under the guidance and accompaniment of Honorable Justice Dan Bain.

Alongside his professional pursuits with the firm, Adv. Koskas operates under strong values of contributing and helping others. Over the years he has even contributed his time and skills while holding a large number of volunteering social and public positions alike. Inter alia Adv. Koskas volunteered as Vice President of the Israel-France Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the French Government's Foreign Wage Consultants in Israel, Member of the Bar Association's Ethics Committee, Legal Adviser to the Knesset Labor Faction, Appointed Judge in the Private-Law Ethics Committee, Chairman of a community center in Baka neighborhood in Jerusalem, public representative on the Helsinki Committee of Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, and more.

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