Commercial and Corporate Law



The operation of a commercial company in different countries around the world very often entails differences and complications often arise due to differences in regulation, in the business culture and legal differences between the different countries.

Philippe Koskas & Co. offers a wide range of commercial legal services to its clients, including foreign residents, with an emphasis on French clients and French investors, in their commercial activities in Israel.

Philippe Koskas law firm’s specializes in providing consultation on everything related to the establishment and foundation of companies and partnerships, including founders’ agreements, company registration and foundation, business contracting, capital raising, ongoing legal consultation to the client’s board and managers.

The firm also engages in mergers and acquisitions - ongoing guidance of acquisitions, sales and mergers, performing due diligence, preparation of investment agreements, preparation of options arrangements for employees and business development.

The firm represents its clients, inter alia, in joint venture agreements in Israel, franchise agreements, regular management of the company under Israeli law, international commercial agreements, and more. The firm also guides its clients in the establishment of agencies for French companies in Israel.

Thanks to the French roots of the firm's founder, Adv. Philippe Koskas, who spent the first twenty years of his life in France and who holds a bachelor's and master's degree in law from the René Descartes University in Paris, the firm helps its clients bridge the inevitable gaps formed during their commercial activity in Israel and enables them to continue conducting their business in the Israel easily and without obstacles.

Due to the unique skills of Adv. Philippe Koskas as an expert in the field of Israeli-French activity, including in the commercial field, Philippe was appointed Vice President of the Israel-France Chamber of Commerce for 4 years.



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