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Philippe Koskas & Co. is a boutique firm specializing in real estate, civil commercial litigation, companies, real estate taxation and various types of taxation.

The firm also deals with everything related to inheritances and wills, from the submission of applications for a succession order and/or probate order and down to the handling of objections in this regard.

The firm provides quality legal services to a variety of Israeli and international clients, its clients include well-known international businessmen and firms, as well as foreign institutions.

The firm also specializes in providing services to foreign residents and foreign companies.

Philippe Koskas & Co. is one of the leading law firms in Israel in everything related to servicing foreign residents/returning residents, and specializes in French law.

The firm's staff has an in-depth knowledge of the French legal system and complete familiarity with the French language, mentality and values, which helps it to provide a professional and correct solutions to every legal problem and issue faced by foreign residents and French residents in particular.

Advocate Philippe Koskas, founder and head of the firm, immigrated to Israel in 1982 immediately after completing his studies for a bachelor's and master's degree in law in France, out of a genuine sense of Zionism and a strong desire to immigrate to Israel and develop professionally in Israel.

Attorney Philippe Koskas received his license to practice law in Israel in 1985, after a fascinating internship at the Supreme Court under Honorable Justice Eliezer Goldberg.

The combination of his French roots and the values of Zionism, his deep sense of social commitment and his Supreme Court expertise, make Adv. Philippe Koskas a leading figure when it comes to the legal aspects that arise from the commercial, business and cultural relations between Israel and France.

Thanks to his expertise in the Israeli-French field and his proficiency in the regulation of the two countries, Adv. Koskas is often requested to present his professional opinion before Israeli courts with regard to international legal issues and foreign law.

Philippe Koskas & Co. was founded in 1985 on the basis of strong principles of legal quality, thoroughness, skill and the pursuit of professionalism, while providing effective and quick response.

The firm's staff consists of lawyers with a rich legal background and proven long years’ experience, endowed with great intelligence and the ability to think outside the box.

The firm's lawyers work from an open mind perspective, while going down to the smallest details in an attempt to exhaust the legal issue itself while exposing the data of each case in its entirety and utilizing them for the benefit of the client.

Alongside the legal work, Adv. Philippe Koskas & Co. also engages in contributing to the community and helping others, Adv. Koskas firm regularly accepts "pro bono" cases, in the belief that the less able also deserve legal representation.

The firm's activity involves community issues and promoting society, and Adv. Philippe Koskas himself has served for 6 years as chairman of a community center in Jerusalem, and made many efforts over the years with pro-bono cases in various legal areas, including criminal law and voluntary public activities.

The firm's deep sense of social commitment is tightly connected with its volunteering activities, as well as with the professional activity of the firm, which does its best to act on behalf of its clients with great dedication, and with personal and humane attitude.

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