Inheritances, wills and estates



Philippe Koskas law firm specializes, inter alia, in the field of estate law, with an emphasis on wills and inheritances, in both France and Israel, in-depth knowledge of inheritance law under the foreign French and Israeli legal system.

This advantage allows it to submit opinions regarding foreign law to the various legal systems in Israel, provide representation in inheritance and probate cases in Israel, through great familiarity and update with the foreign French law and the changing regulations in this field.

Within the field of wills and inheritance law, the firm specializes in:

Authoring wills for clients.

Consultation and representation in the preparation of wills, regarding conflicting laws in private international law (between Israeli law and French law/French legal system), consultation on wills or inheritances of Israelis owning assets in France, and/or French residents owning assets in Israel.

Applying for both simple and complex inheritance orders and probate orders, with all their items, vis-à-vis the competent entities, such as: The Registrar of Inheritance and Family Court.

Estate execution of every scope, in Israel and abroad: private endowments, trusts, optimal realization of estates, estate division agreements, sale of estate assets and their distribution among the heirs.

Issuing written opinions on French law in matters of inheritance, opinion on foreign law/French law.

Consultation in the drafting of French-Hebrew bilingual wills for French citizens and/or for asset bequeathing of French citizens staying in Israel.

Handling the procedure of registration and distribution of estate/inheritances.

Representation before the tax authorities in Israel and France.

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